Turning Dreams into I Do's:

Your Path to a Successful

Wedding Planning Business!


I teach ambitious aspiring wedding planners just like you how to build a wildly successful wedding planning business that creates freedom & fulfillment in your life.

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Wedding Planning, Looks Good On You!

Imagine just less than 12 months from now, you are living the dream that you have always dreamed of. Embarking on this journey to become a successful wedding planner has your name written all over it. Your LOVE for weddings burns with so much PASSION that you bring so many DREAMS to life, including your own. 

I know that YOU WANT THIS. This is the path that will lead YOU to create moments of LOVE and JOY that will be cherished for a LIFETIME.


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Wedding Planning Business


Your future lies within the wedding planning world, a $6 BILLION industry! You can be building your wedding planning business and services that you can sell to your ideal client every single day, while you are home in your PJs or while you are traveling the world.

Your wedding planning business can be built from just about anything:

  • Full - Service Wedding Planning¬†
  • Wedding Management (Coordination)¬†Services
  • Destination Wedding Planning
  • Weekend Wedding Planner
  • A la Carte Wedding Planning
  • Wedding Designing & Styling
  • and MORE!


The possibilities are ENDLESS, and this is where I can help you maximize your greatest potential through your own Wedding Planning Business.


Using skills you already have (I’ll just show you how to use them), with no need to go back to school or take on a crazy financial risk, you have the ability to earn unlimited passive income by following my step-by-step system.


Hey Girl!




Time is money, and now's the time to make your money.

I'm here to help aspiring wedding planners, like YOU, launch their new business that will give them the freedom of time and money they desire.

I've built a 4-time, award-winning, multiple 6 figure wedding planning business, all while living life on my own terms. Now, it's your turn.

Nice to meet you!


Here's how to get started...

The Wedding Planning Biz Accelerator Intensive 


This is a high-level, 3-month coaching program for existing business and that are ready to scale and take their business to the next level! 



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The Ultimate Wedding Planner's Guide to Building a 6-Figure Business

This is a 6-month group coaching program that walks you through starting your wedding planning business from ground zero and growing it to a successful, unlimited income business.




The Ultimate Wedding Planner's Guide

to Building a 6-Figure Business 

Online Course & Group Coaching Program

Step-by-step strategy on how to define your wedding planning business, launch it strong, and then scale it to generate 6+ figures!


Included in my strategy:

  • Figuring out the most¬†profitable¬†way to generate¬†for your business
  • Branding¬†your business
  • Niching down¬†to your ideal client
  • Building relationships¬†with industry peers
  • Understanding what a¬†"Day in the Life"¬†looks like for a Wedding Planner
  • Getting organized¬†in your business operations
  • Scaling your business¬†to be as profitable as possible¬†
  • 6 months of full access¬†to the training videos, weekly group coaching calls, and daily access to Amanda