Student Testimonials

From start to finish she explains everything and makes sure you are well prepared to launch your business. The modules are broken down into sections so it’s easy to follow and accomplish each task step by step. She also gives you worksheets and cheat emails to help throughout the program. (Who doesn’t love a cheat sheet!!!)

Our weekly coaching calls are so informative and I love that everybody in the program give input, Amanda is there to guide us through situations, and to answer any questions that we have.

Bryana, Pruette Planning

I'm so glad that I get to work 1:1 with a professional that I've been dreaming to do work like. Amanda is so talented and passionate for what she does and who she serves.

Her program has transformed how I operate and generate for my business!

Taylor Anne, Taken Away Events

Amanda's enthusiasm, expertise and genuineness have empowered me to no longer self-doubt. She's been someone I've looked up to in the events industry and I'm so glad I invested in her coaching services to scale my business. Since my initial investment, I've booked 1-2 events per month. She's worth every penny!

Ali, Tiny Sprinkles Events

I had the amazing pleasure working with Amanda recently. Amanda's coaching was truly transformative. Her personalized approach, clear guidance, and unwavering support empowered me to achieve my goals with confidence. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking professional or personal growth in the wedding planning industry.

Lindsey, The Wright Events